How to clean mac book pro keyboard ?

Your MacBook is probably the thing that you use most in a day and that’s quite alright given the awesome features of the MacBook. Because of the excessive use, the necessity to clean it regularly becomes more and more obvious. In this article, we are going to discuss some useful techniques of how to clean MacBook pro keyboard, both properly and safely.


Cleaning the keyboard is a necessary exercise that needs to be done from time to time. It can be sometimes more challenging than expectations, anyone who has done so will agree. As soon as you start wiping down the MacBook keyboard, it is obvious that some keys will be pressed & as a result, things are typed, messages are sent, applications are accessed, gobbledegook is made, an improper code is written, amongst many other potential mishaps.

With a desktop Mac, you can just simply disconnect the keyboard but you cannot do the same when it’s a laptop in the MacBook line. Then again, you can’t even put the Mac to sleep as hitting a key will wake it up again. You cannot even shut down your MacBook as well because apart from being inconvenient, you certainly want to clean the power key as well.

Using app to lock down the keyboard

There are some popular apps available that may come handy in situations like this. Such apps help in locking down the Mac keyboard & reject all input, apart from the quit command, so that you can press the keys while you wipe down and clean the keyboard. We recommend using Keyboard Cleaner for Mac.

It is noteworthy, that most of the apps work on all the Mac keyboards, but since we are focussing on MacBook Pro. That is why they cannot be simply disconnecting the keyboard while cleaning it. Instead, such apps can be used to lock the keys in order to prevent any input or improper text entry. Such apps are free and easily found.

How to clean MacBook keyboard

1. Download the Keyboard Cleaner app.

Macbook Clean app

2. After downloading, decompress the archive, once it is done then right-click and choose the option ‘Open’ to get around the Gatekeeper.

3. You will see that the screen turned black & says “Happy Cleaning”, which is when you should know that you are ready to clean.

4. Now soak lightly a dab of cotton or rag, not the type that pills or sheds. Check so that it is ever so slightly damp and then wipe down the keyboards.

5. Once you are done cleaning the MacBook keyboard, press Command+Q keys in order to quit the keyboard cleaner application.

clean mac microfiber

Be absolutely 100% sure that the cloth or rag is not too damp. The rag or the piece of cloth should be slightly wet to your touch. Even after you squeeze it hard and still find it be too wet for your MacBook keyboard, you should use a different rag or cloth. Be very cautious as any water or liquid getting in between the surface crevices or the keys can result in liquid damage to your MacBook and you must avoid it.

When you get some time, you can also watch this video which might help you.

Isopropyl alcohol solution

It is recommended that you use water only while cleaning the keyboard of your MacBook. There are cases where you will see stubborn gunk, grime or some other mysterious crud on your MacBook keyboard. In those cases, you should use isopropyl alcohol solution in a small amount. You can also use the isopropyl alcohol solution in a small amount on a cotton swap like a q-tip in order to clean the area between the keys on the keyboard as well.

isopropyl_alcohol for cleaning

Apple clean recommends that you should first turn off and unplug your MacBook before cleaning. This is also for personal safety and ensures that even if a little bit of moisture gets inside your MacBook it is less likely to cause a short. Still, in any case, you should not spray water directly on you MacBook. You should always dampen your microfiber or whatever cleaning implement that you are using and then use that to clean your MacBook. Since the keys are made of plastic, you should not use anything that is abrasive or harsh because that could scratch the plastic off or rub off the letters. For cleaning microfiber is the ideal choice.